Expertise Centre for Education & Identity

Theological University Kampen|Utrecht develops projects and activities aimed at supporting the identity of Christian schools. The driving force behind this is the Chair for Christian Identity with a team of researchers. The activities have been located in the Expertise Centre for Education and Identity since 2021.

Professor Roel Kuiper: ‘We have gained much knowledge and experience these past years with a view to shaping Christian identity in schools. These have now been combined in this expertise centre. This gives this work a place of its own and a face to the outside world. We are busy creating a place that can be easily accessed by schools, school administrators and researchers. In this way, we hope to be able to support recognizable Christian education with knowledge and research.’


The Expertise Centre concerns itself with the meaning of ‘identity’ for Christian education. For this purpose, expertise is being developed, researched and shared in close cooperation with schools in our network. We believe that an integration of faith and pedagogical perspectives are helpful in designing processes and strategies that support the practice of association with students. This converging movement, therefore, takes place in the midst of multiple disciplines and also in the interplay of theoretical and practical thinking.

The Expertise Centre collaborates with other universities, colleges, knowledge centres and educational umbrellas such as VERUS. Research paths are being set up with schools and knowledge partners. The periodic network meetings called ‘Identity as a Strong Brand’ with teachers, school leaders and administrators will henceforth be the competence of the Expertise Centre. The Expertise Centre also maintains the website

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