It is important that you have a clear overview of your financial situation. For this reason, we have compiled an overall budget for students (and their family) who wish to stay in the Netherlands.  This budget is a directive for the costs which are to be expected. Much will depend on your personal situation, lifestyle and family composition. You can find the budget at the bottom of this page.


Proof of financial means is required in order to obtain your visa.  Please inquire at the International Office for regulations for financial proof and indicate  the source of income:

  • money in own bank account
  • scholarship
  • financier abroad
  • financier in the Netherlands
  • deposit on bank account of TU
  • funds from a company
  • a combination of those sources of income

Income earned in the Netherlands does not count in the proof of financial resources. The IND does not permit this being counted in the income requirement.


A bank account in the Netherlands is necessary for your daily financial affairs. Payments are mostly done using a debit card. Another frequently used means of payment is online banking on the computer. A credit card is less usual, but handy for the initial period in the Netherlands, if you do not yet have a bank account.

In order to open a current account at a bank you will need the following:

If you have opened a bank account with ING, you can find a helpful English guide on online banking here.

For further information you can enquire at TU Kampen (International Office).