Master of Theology General

The Theological University of Kampen offers national and international students the unique opportunity of following a taught MA programme in one of several main areas of Theology. This one-year Master of Theology General programme is embedded in our University’s long tradition of combining sound theological education with thorough theological study.  

The educational programme

The one-year master’s degree programme offers in-depth study in one of eight main theological areas and is intended for students who have completed their BA in Theology and would like to specialize in a certain area of theology. The programmes all follow an identical structure, starting with the joint core module “Commitment to an open Bible”, to continue with an in-depth study of the subject. Preparing your dissertation on a subject linked with your area of study is also an important part of the programme. For outstanding students, this MA programme can serve as a foundation for a PhD research degree.

The programme is fully accredited by the NVAO, the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders. The accreditation report can be read here. The programme leads to the official degree of Master of Arts (MA).

For a list of all courses taught, refer to our course catalogue.

Seven Subjects of Specialisation

The one year Master in General Theology provides many electives:

An Identical Structure

This master’s degree programme can be followed on a part-time basis. The programme has a value of 60 ECTS credits (European credits), which equals one year of full-time or two years of part-time study. The structure of the programme, identical for all subjects of specialisation, is as follows:

  • Phase 1: General (12.5 ECTS credits)
    • The common course, compulsory for all master’s students in semester A – 5 ECTS credits;
    • The module Methodology 1 in semester B –  1 ECTS credit;
    • An elective subsidiary subject –  6 ECTS credits;
    • Studium Generale activities  – 0.5 ECTS credit.
  • Phase 2: Specialization (30 ECTS credits)
    • 6 ECTS credits are awarded for each major subject in which student orients himself further on the desired specialization field of graduation. In these modules the subject choice for the graduation thesis is prepared.
  • Phase 3: Graduation Thesis (17.5 ECTS credits)
    • 16.5 ECTS credits are reserved for the conduction of research and the writing of the thesis. 1 ECTS credit is reserved for the preparation of the oral final presentation of the thesis.

Erasmus Programme

The TU Kampen is a participant in the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme.

What is special about this exchange opportunity is that the participating student continues to pay tuition fees to his home institution and is exempted from paying tuition fees to the host institution. The student receives a grant from the home institution to help cover the costs. Furthermore, the home institution must give full academic recognition for the awarded credits at the host institution.

Are you interested in the Erasmus programme? Then be sure to view our page on Erasmus Programmes. Contact the international office of your home institution for information on the possibilities and the grants available to you.


Should you wish to receive more information about the one-year Master of Theology General programme, please contact:

Drs Jos Colijn (International Officer)