PhD Programme

The Theological University Kampen facilitates PhD students in their PhD trajectory. If a doctoral candidate successfully completes this doctoral research, he / she may use the title of doctor. Theological University Kampen is a unique center of knowledge and research in Reformed and Protestant theology in Europe.

Our research deals with Reformed theology and Neo-Calvinism in the context of the wider Protestant tradition. In this way, we strive to make a meaningful contribution to the development of Reformed theology in a global perspective.

The university offers a fully accredited diploma with the opportunity to work internationally at an academic level. Doctoral students are expected to have an affinity with our Reformed identity and tradition.

What will it mean to start working as a PhD candidate?

A PhD is an exciting process in which the student develops creativity and originality, self-discipline, self-reflection and personal integrity. You must be fascinated by your subject and motivated to conduct academic research. In general, a student needs four years of full-time study to complete a doctoral research at our university.

New PhD projects should preferably suit one of our research groups:

  1. CCMW is headed by prof.dr. Stefan Paas. The focus is on the role of the church in the Western (secular) context.
  2. NRI is headed by prof.dr. George Harinck. The focus is on the tradition of Calvinism and Neocalvinism and its significance for public theology, society, and education.
  3. BEST is led by prof.dr. A. Huijgen. The focus is on Biblical studies and core themes of Reformed theology.