Chair for Practical Theology
Since January 1 2019, Hans Schaeffer(b. 1972) is Professor of the Chair for Practical Theology, with a special commitment to practical ecclesiology (church upbuilding) and liturgics. Before that, as of 2011, he was a post-doc researcher and lecturer at the Theological University of Kampen.

Wide range
Practical theology covers a wide range of practices of being a church. From everything to do with worship services (homiletics, liturgics) to catechesis and other church education. From church leadership to the level of individual pastoral and diaconal support. Much of the teaching within practical theology is provided by teachers working in church practice themselves for a significant part of their time, for example, as a church leader, minister, or spiritual counsellor.

The research within the Chair of Practical Theology takes place within the research group Centre for Church and Mission in the West (CCWW) and has two spearheads. First of all, it focuses on church renewal. The Academic Workplace Kerk2030 follows local churches in their renewal process. Through Kerk2030, dozens of churches have already started their own renewal. Which specific and generic questions are coming their way? How can they share the slow and extensive lessons of cultural change with other churches? PhD and post-doc researchers work together in the Academic Workplace Kerk2030.

The second priority is the search for inclusive communities. What conditions can be created within, and on the fringes of, church communities so that they can be truly hospitable and open to the other and the different? How can people with disabilities find their place in the community?

Salvation has been the main theme during the period 2017-2023. This subsequently resulted in publications on the role and importance of Christian communities in reshaping beneficial practices. For the period 2024-2029, a new theme will be determined in 2023.