The Advanced Theological Studies Fellowship (ATSF) is a research exchange programme of Theological University Kampen-Utrecht, the Netherlands. In this fellowship, the university brings together a group of promising young international theologians and historians of Protestantism (all of whom are preparing for their PhD degree) for one month to spend time together exploring theological themes and exchanging insights.

At the beginning of the month, all participants present their research during a poster presentation session. Professors and other researchers of the university will be present to react to the presented research projects and to make suggestions for progress. The participants can use the research facilities of the university, including its excellent library, to work on their project. Most importantly, there are many possibilities to interact with professors and fellow researchers of the university. During the ATSF programme, the participants work on a specific chapter or topic related to their research. At the end of the month, they prepare a second presentation in which they share their results or the progress they made during their month in Kampen.

To get a better idea of what the ATSF programme looks like and who has previously taken part in the ATSF, you can download a more detailed description of the programme below and a list showing all of the former ATSF participants.

Below you can read an interview with last year’s participants.

Applications are welcome till the 21st of January 2023. The Application Form can be found here.

For questions please contact drs. Jos Colijn (jjacolijn[at]