Regulation Tuition Fees

With the diagram below you can determine which tuition fee tariff you must pay in the academic year 2018-2019.

Step 1

Where are you residing on September 30th 2018?

1. In The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, or in the German Federal States of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony or Bremen.

 * You must be registered in the municipal (gemeente) basis administration (GBA). (You must be able to prove this, upon request by the TUK, by means of an extract from the GBA.  If you are unable to provide this extract, then you must pay the tariff of the institutional tuition fee, see step 1.2).
* Continue to step 2.

2. Outside this area. You pay the institutional tuition fee of €5,425.

Step 2

Do you have the nationality of one of the EU member states (see appendix 1) or of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Suriname or Switzerland?

1. Yes.?

* Continue to step 3.

2. No, but I have a residence permit as mentioned in the overview in appendix 2.

* You must send us a copy of your residence permit (valid on 1st September 2018).
* Your institutional tuition fee tariff for the academic year 2018-2019 has been set at €2712,25 (fulltime/parttime).

3. No, but I receive a student grant (studiefinanciering) from DUO in the month September of 2018.

*You must send us a copy of a ‘Bericht Studiefinanciering’ from DUO, proving this.  Continue to step 3.

4. No, and I do not meet the criteria under step 2.2 or 2.3.

* Your institutional tuition fee tariff for the academic year 2018-2019 has been set at €2712,25 (fulltime/parttime).

Step 3

Have you, after 1st August 1991, obtained a bachelor’s degree (through registration for the bachelor’s programme) or master’s degree (through registration for one of the  master’s programmes), or a degree of equal standing such as a Higher Education college certificate, candidate’s diploma or academic master’s degree at a subsidized educational institution in the Netherlands?

1. No.

* Continue to step 4.

2. Yes, I obtained a (Higher education) HBO-bachelor but am now doing a pre-master.

* Continue to step 8.

3. Yes, but I do not belong to the category mentioned in step 3.2.

* If you are doing the Master of Theology (general), then the institutional tuition fee amounts to €5,425 (fulltime) or €2712,25 (parttime)
* If you are doing the Bachelor Theology or Master of Theology (Divinity) fulltime/parttime, then the institutional tuition fee is €5,425.

Step 4

Are you doing the Master of Theology (general), also known as the one-year master programme?

  1. No. Continue to step 7.
  2. Yes. Continue to step 5.

Step 5

Are you entitled to a student grant (studiefinaciering)?

  1. No. Continue to step 6.
  2. Yes. Continue to step 7.

Step 6

Do you wish to follow the Master of Theology (general) on a part-time schedule? (Maximum of 30 EC’s per year to be gained)?

  1. No. Continue to step 7.
  2. Yes. The part-time tariff is €1,800.

Step 7

The statutory tariff amounts to €2,060.

Step 8

In the pre-master, you must pay compensation per EC (credit), depending on the number of EC’s to be gained.

Number of EC’s

Euro per EC

Maximum in Euros

Up to 30




993 (for the first 30 EC’s )
plus 48 per EC



2433 (for the first 60 EC’s )
plus 48 per EC


Appendix 1: EU member countries

The following countries are members of the European Union:

  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  •  Ireland
  •  Italy
  •  Latvia
  •  Lithuania
  •  Luxembourg
  •  Malta
  •  The Netherlands
  •  Austria
  •  Poland
  •  Portugal
  •  Romania
  •  Slovenia
  •  Slovakia
  •  Spain
  •  Czech Republic
  •  United Kingdom
  •  Sweden

Appendix 2: Overview of residence permits

With the residence permits mentioned below you are eligible for the statutory tuition fee, as long as the remaining conditions are also met:

  • Permanent asylum residence permit (typeIV)
  • Temporary asylum residence permit (typeIII)
  • Regular permanent residence permit( typeII)
  • Regular temporary residence permit (typeI) with one of the following purposes of stay:
    • stay as foreign adoptive child or foster child
    • stay as an unaccompanied minor alien (amv)
    • in order to carry out family life under Article 8 ECHR
    • stay as a foreign national who cannot leave the Netherlands through no fault of his own
    • family reunification
    • stay with spouse or (registered) partner
    • a victim of or a witness reporting human trafficking
    • stay under constraint, or by disposition of, the State Secretary
    • special regulation 2007 (general pardon)
    • stay as an EU-national as citizen of the Union
    • period during the asylum procedure
    • readmission
    • extention of residency after a stay based on one of above reasons