The Chair of Systematic Theology focuses on the systematic consideration of the content of the Christian belief in God within the context of today. Since December 1, 2022 Hans Burger (1974) is Professor of Systematic Theology. Before that, he had been affiliated with the Theological University of Kampen since 2011 as a post-doc researcher and lecturer. Besides Hans Burger, Dolf te Velde(1974) is responsible for the field of Systematic Theology as associate professor.

Reflection on the content of the faith is necessary to keep the Reformed tradition alive. In every context, new questions arise or old questions take on a new urgency. Think of the impact of secularisation, the ecological crisis, or the rise of the Pentecostal movement.

Systematic theology deals with big questions: Does God exist? Who is he? What is the relationship between God and this world as God’s creation? What went wrong in our world and with ourselves? Who is Jesus Christ for us? How is the Holy Spirit present in the lives of believers? What Is The Good News Of God’s Kingdom—Is It Really All Right? What kind of community do Christians form together? Is there a heaven, a hell, a new earth, and what does that mean?

The aim of the education in the Bachelor’s program is that students gain an overview of the whole of systematic theology. In the masters, education is more thematically focused. The symbolism course pays attention to the Reformed confession, and hermeneutics to understanding the Bible.

Research in systematic theology takes place within a research group Biblical Exegesis and Systematic Theology, a collaboration with the Theological University of Apeldoorn. Biblical scholars and systematic theologians are jointly seeking fruitful interaction. The 2018-2023 research program is entitled ‘Discriminating love’.