Theology in Kampen: spiritual, involved and profound

Our identity

At the Theological University of Kampen we allow ourselves to be impressed by God. We are oriented towards knowledge of all things through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Living and working in dependence of the Holy Spirit, we examine the reality of church and world In the light of the Bible. The Theological University of Kampen connects Bible and life.

Our work and studies serve the implementation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the building up of the church. We contribute to the development of theological science, as well as to the reflection on being a Christian in all cohesions of society.

The university stands carefree in the Reformed tradition. We find it important to continually reconnect with the source of that tradition, in the awareness that it is embedded in the broader catholic church of all centuries. We consider our Reformed tradition to be a place from where we wish to connect with churches and believers worldwide.

Our heart and our view is directed towards the coming of God’s kingdom. We feel the link with our culture and acknowledge our calling in society. We want to learn to see, understand and do justice to the reality of God in Christ, wherever it presents itself.


Our mission is to study the Bible and the reality of God in order to shape new generations for their service in church and society. We do this in line with the Reformed tradition, in which we continue to delve deeper, make it topical and connect it to the world of today and tomorrow, in which Christ is working at his return.


We work at our mission from a deep awareness of our dependence on God. For this reason we do this spirituallyinvolved and profoundly. In these three words one can read our vision on our religious engagement, on our relation to God, His world and to each other, and on the quality of our work.

Spiritual:   We are academics of faith, living in Jesus Christ and with a love for God. Our orientation on God means that we are modestly, searching and praying – but also carefree, openly and expectantly – underway. We wish to inspire one another and others and lead in the way of faith.

Involved:   We are involved with God, his revelation, his church and his world in everything we do. In our work we have eye for our fellowman, God’s Creation and feel strongly involved with each other as a university community. Our work has something to say for the world of today.

Profound:   We do academic work. For us that means honest and thorough reflection and not settling for easy answers. We relate to the state of the art in our field of study. We conduct high quality, innovative and relevant research.