Corona measures

As a university, we believe that God takes care of us, even in the present uncertain and worrying circumstances. We pray for our students, employees and people around us. We try to look after each other in these difficult times and help each other.

On this page, we present all relevant information to keep employees and students of the Theological University of Kampen well-informed on the measures with regard to the coronavirus.

The Theological University of Kampen always follows the health recommendations of the the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)  and the travel recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Specific information on the coronavirus and education is to be found here.

General measures: Update 22 April 2020

Up until 1st June, no lectures will be held on location, education only takes place online.

The tenor of the measures is to avoid social contact as much as possible. Together with the measure that the schools have been closed, this leads to the following additional measures at TU Kampen:

1. The university building is closed and, as of Monday 23 March, the reception is no longer staffed.

2. All employees (including PhD students) work at home, unless it is required for employees to be at the university to keep the most necessary processes workable. A small number of people has been authorized for this purpose. They themselves have been informed. The Linneweversgilde is accessible to anyone who wants to fetch something, not to work. For necessary consultation or for recordings, employees will be personally invited.

3. Meetings are only arranged digitally.

4. All students work from home.

5. All reading rooms are closed, both in the library and at the Broederweg.

6. The university remains attainable by phone or email through the secretarial office, by means of: 038-4471710 and

7. The library is open in order to fetch books that have been requested in advance. Keep sufficient distance from each other and prevent unnecessarily travel. It is possible, following permission from the library staff, to photograph/ scan/copy the books in the reading rooms. Here, too, it is important that not too many people are present e in the reading rooms at the same time. If necessary, staff will give instructions to leave the reading rooms. Some editors have opened, or partially opened, their e-book collection for all. Check the website of the editor concerned.

As soon as there are modifications in the directives, or further measures are taken, an update will be sent by e-mail. For up-to-date information concerning the measures and regarding meetings: keep checking this page .

Our most important measures in a nutshell:

  • Information on specific events can be found below, with the updates.
  • Pay extra attention to personal hygiene: wash your hands well and do not shake hands.
  • Stay inside as much as possible
  • If symptoms of a cold get worse, phone your general practitioner or the local GGD
  • Are you intending to go abroad and travel:
    • report this to the International Office of the university
    • first check the travel recommendations by the government. If your destination regards an area with code yellow then journeys will only proceed after permission. Journeys to areas with code orange and red may not proceed.

Update on meetings: All meetings have been cancelled until 1st September 2020