The Chair for Christian Philosophy was established by the Foundation for Christian Philosophy. The Chair contributes to research, education and valorisation. On the one hand, paying attention to the development of the system of so-called ‘Reformational philosophy’ also in relation to systematic-theological questions, on the other hand, to the development of Christian-worldview thinking in relation to profession and practice. In this respect, the Chair functions as a connecting point in the international movement of Christian philosophy.

Since 1 September 2021, the chair has been held by Professor Jan van der Stoep. Van der Stoep is also a Professor of Christian Philosophy at Wageningen University. The concept of stewardship is pivotal to his education and research. From this central theme, he approaches sustainability issues, the ethics of food and agriculture and broader issues about Christian professionalism. From this Chair, Van der Stoep is connected to the Neo-Calvinism Research Institute (NRI). The research at this Chair is part of the NRI research program on the vitality and impact of the neo-Calvinistic tradition in science and society. The Chair is directed towards further developing the philosophical part of this program.