The Theological University itself is not in the position to offer scholarships or stipends. However, after being formally accepted as a student, the Theological University can refer and recommend students to several independent foundations, which do offer stipends. In general students are expected to contribute (personally or through their own fund-raising) at least part of the costs of studying in Kampen.

The general points to which the Theological University pays attention in its recommendations are the following:

  • Academic qualifications – former education, academic papers, English language skills, etc.;
  • Motivation – why a student wants to study in Kampen, what he or she wants to learn and how he or she is planning to use his or her education;
  • Academic perspectives – it is important to understand how students are going to use their studies in Kampen. younger teachers who need upgrading and young students with a clear perspective to teach in an academic setting in their home country will have priority;
  • Personal circumstances – we want to understand the applicant’s situation (family, cultural-religious context, responsibilities in the church, financial situation, etc.);
  • Recommendations
    • students need to have good recommendations from theological professors / leaders from the (last) institution they graduated from;
    • those in service of a church need a recommendation from their synod or classis;
  • Ecumenical factors – we take into account the church background of applicants as our Seminary is a denominational Seminary: students from denominations or seminaries we have confessional or ecclesial ties with, have a certain priority.

NB: The Theological University can only supply a recommendation, but is not responsible for the decision of the foundations or the size of the stipend. 

The Theological  University participates in the Holland Scholarship programme (click here for the Holland Scholarship page for more information). Please be aware that you can only be considered for a Holland scholarship after acceptance into one of our study programmes. Before filling out any forms, first contact the international office to see if you can be enrolled at our University.