Master of Old Testament

Would you like to specialise in the Old Testament? Do you work in the church or as a secondary school teacher, and would you like to enrich your knowledge of the Bible at an academic level? Come to Kampen and take the Master’s degree programme Old Testament

A master’s programme which centres on questions concerning the image of God in the Old Testament. For example, the relation between God and violence, God’s revenge and God’s remorse, the relation between monotheism and polytheism and the alleged womanly characteristics of God.




Dutch, English

Study load:

60 ECTS credits




Full-time, part-time


Before 1 June

Graduation  specialization

Master of Theology (general) programme

Program directors

K. van Bekkum and

G. Kwakkel

Tuition Fees

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Alumnus Bart Dubbink on the MA Old Testament:

“The Old Testament has always fascinated me. The development of history throughout the ages, a God who sometimes appears to be so different than my image of Him, strange and violent texts. How do I read the Old Testament? Who is the God of the Old Testament? These are the kind of questions you can sink your teeth into for a year. Not that all the difficulties get ironed out, nor will all the problems you might have with the Old Testament just vanish into thin air. What you do get is a comprehensive study and the experience of serving the same God as the people of Israel, and all this in texts from more than two millennia ago.  Captivating and brilliant!”


The programme (60 ECTS credits) has been subdivided into 3 phases. Most of the modules equal 6 ECTS credits

Phase 1. General (30.5 ECTS credits)

  • General Module: Reformed Hermeneutics (5 ECTS credits)
  • Orientation in the field of Old Testament studies (6 ECTS credits)
  • The Study of the OT in the Reformed or Evangelical Tradition (6 ECTS credits)
  • Hermeneutics and Exegesis (6 ECTS credits)
  • Subsidiary: Biblical Aramaic or Biblical Hebrew (6 ECTS credits) 
  • Methodology (1 ECTS credit) 
  • Studium Generale activities to the value of 0.5 ECTS credit.

Phase 2. Focus on the area of specialisation (12 ECTS credits)

  • Historia revelationis – Theology of the Old Testament (6 ECTS credits)
  • The Debate Concerning the Image of God in the Old Testament (6 ECTS credits)

Phase 3. Graduation phase (17.5 ECTS credits)

  • Dissertation and presentation

See the study guide for a fully worked out programme. 

Career prospects

The MA Old Testament is a general theological in-depth master and is, as such, not directed towards a specific career. In the practice of ecclesiastical and social life, however, there are ample possibilities to take up a profession based on this educational programme. Among others, consideration can be given to a position as researcher on the route to obtaining a doctoral degree. Graduates can, for example, be employed in staff positions at academic (university and higher vocational) educational institutions or secondary schools. Moreover, graduates can find employment in all forms of ‘church work’ and in building up congregations, missionary activities, equipment work, leadership functions in churches and Christian organisations, journalism, public offices and ethical or spiritual advice organs (in the business world, among others).


Registration for the Master of Theology (General Programme) for the course starting September first is possible once a year, on the following grounds.

You are eligible if you:

  • have a bachelor’s degree in Theology, awarded at TU Kampen; or
  • have an academic bachelor’s degree in Theology and/or Religious Science; or
  • have an academic bachelor’s degree in a discipline sufficiently related to Theology, supplemented with a Pre-Master’s programme; or
  • have a non-academic Bachelor’s degree in the field of Theology (Religious Pastoral Work, Ecclesiastical Work or Teacher of Religion), supplemented with a Pre-Master’s programme.

Your request for admission or request for the composition of a Pre-Master’s programme will be assessed by the  Examination Review Committee.

Additional intake conditions

Demonstrable knowledge of biblical Hebrew at a bachelor’s level.


Should you wish to receive more information about this one-year Master programme, please contact:

(Dutch students) Mrs Elizabeth Blokland – Study Coordinator.

(International students) Drs Jos Colijn -International Officer.