Master of New Testament

Have you always wanted to gain more in-depth knowledge of the New Testament? Perhaps you are a minister or pastor wishing to expand your theological knowledge? Come to Kampen for a challenging Master’s programme (60 ECTS credits) with a specialisation in New Testament studies! At an academic level and with a heart for the Bible. Part-time option also available (2 years).

Theme: The Apostolic Gospel in Consonance and Resonance. With, among others:

  • Current developments in New Testament science
  • Contexts of Early Christianity
  • Biblical theology in theory and practice
  • Hermeneutics and redemptive history
  • Module `The apostolic church’ with an exegesis project in small groups
  • Subsidiary in Hellenistic Greek, in which texts are read from the Septuagint, Josephus or Philo and from the Early Church (6 ECTS credits, also to be taken as a loose module)
  • upervised Master’s dissertation regarding a subject of choice from the theme at hand

Eligible for admission are students with a Bachelor’s degree in Theology, including New Testament Greek. Interested parties with a non-academic Bachelor’s degree of Theology can follow a Pre-Master’s programme.

Programme director and senior lecturer: Prof. Rob van Houwelingen
Regular lecturers: Classicist Drs Tertius Bolhuis for Hellenistisch Greek; Prof. Ad de Bruijne for Hermeneutics; a new lecturer for methodology
Guest lecturers: Prof. Henk Bakker (VU Amsterdam); Prof. Armin Baum (FTH Gießen)

Some alumni on this Master’s programme:

I found the two years of study in Kampen to be a most valuable experience. Both the Pre-Master and the actual Master were of profound and comprehensive substance. Besides providing me with ready knowledge, it gave me a strong methodological basis, upon which I can build for years to come.
– Roelof Alkema, Groningen

What I especially like about the MA New Testament is that you come so close to the heart of the oldest sources from the apostolic tradition. It is also captivating to see how that tradition was passed on in the Early Church.
– Jaap Cramer, Kampen

It is of great value to occupy yourself with the world from which you, as a Christian, came from, and that at an academic level. To take it even further back – to become conscious, during the lectures on Hellenic Greek, of how impregnated that world was with the culture of those times. Lectures by specialists who are at the same time obviously devotees – who would want to miss that?
– Jan Willem Ploeg, Asperen


Should you wish to receive more information about this one-year Master programme, please contact:

(International students) Drs Jos Colijn -International Officer

(Dutch students) Mrs Elizabeth Blokland – Study Coordinator