Identity, Ethics, and Society

A new master: “Identity, Ethics, and Society”: for those who find it challenging to bear responsibility as a Christian in our society. Specifically when confronted with radical issues concerning leadership, politics and policies, caretaking, or medical ethics, but also concerning the identity of Christian organisations.

This master is aimed at theologians, professionals, those who have a leading social function, leaders of organisations, and those who are active in a political and public context, as well as at policymakers and thinkers about identity.

The master “Identity, Ethics, and Society” offers a thorough theological reflection on your Christian identity and responsibility in relation to contemporary culture and society, because reflection on your own identity is essential in professional practices.












Before the 1st of June

Graduation Variant:

Master Theology – General

Study leaders:

Ad de Bruijne, Theo Boer,
Roel Kuiper






In our society, Christians are challenged more and more to show their own ‘identity’. That happens in the political and public debate, in the context of organisations which do or do not have an own identity, and in professional practices. This master programme gives insight in the public dimension of being-a-Christian and in the social reality in which we live. The graduate is, with the help of this master, able to participate in social organisations or lead social organisations in an effective, recognisable, touting, and cooperative manner. This master can also prepare for further research.


Design and modules (each module has 6 ECs)

In the general modules the acquainting with and the reflection on a reformed ‘worldview’ are the central modules. They are also about the theme of ‘Christian public responsibility’.

The modules are aimed at practices and are formed from a choice-menu which  has two parallel modules.

General Modules

Module 1: Hermeneutics and context. Basic questions with regards to the treatment of the Bible.

Module 2:  Social and professional acting in the light of a Christian philosophy and worldview. With regards to social and professional practices. Visions from philosophy and debate.

Module 3: Christian identity, plurality, and the step towards the public space of the political responsibility.

A process of your choice concerning different social fields and practices, with which every student can create an own combination of accents and so an own profile. Tuned at the question of the student to act effectively, recognisable, touting, and cooperative in professional practices.

Identity and Ethics

Political theology and leadership

Module 4

Identity in the practices of Christian education

Public theology and the political praxis

Module 5

Medical ethics in practice

Economic ethics and leadership in practice

Module 6

Responsible society

Responsible society

Module 7: Subsidiary Subject (6 EC)

Module 8: Graduation Route (18 EC), of which:

  • 1 EC additional methodology
  • 5 EC preparatory studies about the subject of the thesis
  • 12 EC for the thesis itself (reading, drafting, writing,presenting)


Do you want to know more about the Master “Identity and professionality”? Contact the study coordinator or one of the study leaders. If you’re from abroad, please contact our international officer.

International Officer
Jos Colijn

Coordinator of Education
Elizabeth Blokland

Study leaders
Ad de Bruijne
Theo Boer
Roel Kuiper