Tu Kampen Is Granted Permission to Move Courses to Utrecht

The Minister of Education, Culture and Science has approved the intention of the board of the Theological University of Kampen to move the study programs to Utrecht. This decision is the next step in the process of establishing the Theological University in Utrecht.

With this approval, the ministry affirms that the provision of Theology courses from Utrecht is part of an efficient distribution of the courses on offer in the Netherlands. The decision follows a positive advice from the Higher Education Efficiency Committee. The board now has six months to make a final decision to establish the University in Utrecht.

The motivation for this relocation has been brought to the attention of the Minister in the application. The Theological University aims for a stronger connection and cooperation with other higher education institutions. This increases the study options for students and the attractiveness of their own study program. The central location improves accessibility for (part-time) students and for the knowledge exchange programs that the University offers as part of its national function for the churches. Another motivation is that the location in Utrecht strengthens cooperation with other philosophical universities. Based on the responsibility of the board to ensure a healthy and sustainable organization, this cooperation is just as necessary as it is desirable.

The board is pleased that there are no formal obstacles to moving the courses. The board hopes to complete the decision-making process this fall. The board has previously indicated that it wants to start with first-year students in Utrecht as of September 1, 2022. More information about this will be available in the autumn.

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