Theological University Kampen|Utrecht is making two theological publications available online via open access.

These are the publications Sola Scriptura – Biblical and Theological Perspectives on Scripture, Authority, and Hermeneutics | Brill en Covenant: A Vital Element of Reformed Theology – Biblical, Historical and Systematic-Theological Perspectives | Brill.

These collections address core themes of Reformed theology: Scripture and covenant. The volumes are published by Brill publishers and compiled by members of the BEST research group.  The research group BEST (Biblical Exegesis and Systematic Theology) is a joint research group of TU Apeldoorn and TU Kampen | Utrecht and is led by Hans Burger.  This research group aims to encourage Biblical studies and systematic theology to interact and work together on vital theology. Both collections show how important and fruitful this interaction is.

 The volume Sola Scriptura deals with the theme of the priority and importance of Scripture in theology. In nearly twenty chapters, this theme is examined from various perspectives: systematic-theological, biblical, historical and practical theological. Covenant deals with the theme of covenant. The first part of the volume discusses various biblical covenants. The historical contributions show how covenant thinking has developed in Reformed theology. The book concludes with several contributions from a systematic-theological perspective on a contemporary covenant theory.

 The volumes are made available through open access. This means that scholarly publications are free and accessible to all online. President of the executive board Pim Boven says this is in line with an important international trend of providing the broader public with free access to scholarly publications. “These key publications of our practice of Reformed theology we would like to make accessible to a wider audience in this way, so that it can be fruitful for church and society.”

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