Dr. Sabine Hiebsch has been appointed as endowed professor on the Kooiman Boendermaker chair for Luther and the history of (Dutch) Lutheranism. The endowed chair was established at the Theological University by the Kooiman Boendermaker-Luther Foundation.

The Kooiman-Boendermaker-Luther Foundation aims to promote research, education and dissemination of knowledge about Martin Luther and his theology, as well as the history of Lutheranism in general and that of Lutheranism in the Netherlands in particular. To this end, the foundation has established a endowed professorship at the Theological University Kampen. This chair is occupied by Prof. Dr. Sabine Hiebsch.

As of January 1, 2019, the Dutch Mission Council established a endowed chair at Theological University Kampen. The Executive Board has appointed Dr. Gert Noort as endowed professor on this chair with the name David Bosch Chair for the Comparative Study of Mainline Protestant and Evangelical Mission. This endowed chair aims to contribute to the study of differences and similarities between missionary organizations of Protestant and Evangelical signature, from their theological principles and in their missionary practices, by means of research and education. Particular attention will be paid to factors which promote or hinder missionary cooperation. In interaction with missionary fields of practice, the mutual significance of Protestant and evangelical missionary organizations is explored.