When you come to Kampen as a student, possibly with your spouse and perhaps one or more children, it can take a while to find suitable living quarters. For this reason, it is important to start searching for a house on time.

The TUK would like to help you to find suitable rented living quarters, but we can give no guarantees that it will be be exactly what you are looking for.

The house rent for a family often amounts to something like € 700 to € 800 a month. If you are coming to the Netherlands by yourself, then an amount of € 400 a month is realistic.

Rented houses in the Netherlands are almost always unfurnished. We are happy to help MIRT students arrange the furnishing of their house.

 For telephone, internet, radio and TV you have to take out contracts. This also applies to gas, water and electricity as this is not included in the rent. Here too, the TU is willing to help you.

For housing questions you can contact international@tukampen.nl. We are glad to be of service.

Do you wish to orientate yourself on the houses that are available in Kampen and vicinity? Take a look at websites like, for example, www.funda.nl.