By car from Schiphol Airport (see below for public transport)

1. Follow Schiphol Exit. Drive onto the highway A4 direction Amsterdam, which becomes the A10 ring Amsterdam.
2. Follow Amersfoort (A1).
3. At junction Muiderberg exit onto A6 direction Almere.
4. Follow A6  until exit 11, direction Dronten.
5. At the roundabout the second exit, direction Dronten N307.
6. Follow N307 until you are in Kampen (Flevoweg).
7. Continue straight.
8. At the roundabout at the BP-fuelstation (at your left hand) turn right, onto the Europa-allee.
9. Second roundabout turn left (Kennedylaan).
10. Turn left to the parking at the City hall at Burgemeester Berghuisplein.

Parking your car in Kampen

You can park your car at the Cityhall of Kampen (Burgemeester Berghuisplein).
Walk towards the Horstsingel and turn right towards an old gate (Cellebroederspoort). Walk across the bridge and through the gate. Turn left onto 2e Ebbingestraat. Walk till another gate (Broederpoort). Turn right, this is the Broederweg. On the right side you will find the Theologische Universiteit (number 15). This walk will take about 8-10 minutes.
(See map)

Public transport

From Schiphol Airport Amsterdam to Kampen train station

Buy a Single ticket to destination “Kampen” at the yellow/blue ticket machine. You can only pay with a Credit card or a bankcard with Maestro. You will receive your ticket on a single-use smartcard.  Please note that it is also possible to buy a ticket at the information desk of the Dutch Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) near the ticket machine at Schiphol Plaza. The information desk can inform you about the right platform from which your train departs.

1. Walk to the Railway station of Schiphol Airport Amsterdam (about 2 minutes). Before you descend to the right platform, please use the yellow/gray card readers to check in for your journey. Hold your ticket against the card reader. You will hear one beep when you check in.

2. From Schiphol Airport to Zwolle by train  (about 1 hour and 15-30  minutes)
Intercity (direction Groningen or Leeuwarden)
Departure: Station Schiphol Airport
Intermediate stops:
– Amsterdam Zuid
– Almere Centrum
– Lelystad Centrum
Arrival: Station Zwolle

3. In Zwolle, walk to the right platform (platform 12 is at the very end of platform 1a, just follow the signs or ask for assistance). Just before reaching platform 12, you first need to check out with NS (Dutch Railways) and then need to check in with Blauwnet, a local train company (in that order). When you check out with NS, you will hear two beeps indicating that you have checked out. When you check in with Blauwnet, you will hear one beep.

4. Travel by train from Zwolle to Kampen (10 minutes) (NB: not Kampen Zuid)
Sprinter (direction Kampen)
Departure: Station Zwolle
Arrival: Station Kampen. After arriving in Kampen, you need to check out with Blauwnet.

Walking directions from Kampen  Station to the Theological University (about 10 minutes, see the map below)
1. Walk towards Stadsbrug (bridge) (72 m.)
2. Turn left onto Stadsbrug, cross the river (250 m.)
3. Continue onto Vispoort (61 m.)
4. Turn right onto Oudestraat (13 m.) this is the main shopping street in Kampen
5. Turn left onto Broederstraat, you will cross a square called Botermarkt; walk left  side along an old church called Broederkerk (200 m.)
6. Cross the bridge across the canal
7. Continue onto Broederweg (82 m.). At the end of this road you’ll see an old gate
8. You will find the Theologische Universiteit on the left side
(Broederweg 15).

More information about Dutch Public Transport is available at the NS-website or at (both in English). This brochure tells you all about travelling by train in the Netherlands.