Research Groups

Research at the Theological University of Kampen focuses on the content, meaning and eloquence of Reformed theology and its significance for church, science, politics and society today. From this perspective, the TU wants to keep the Christian tradition of faith alive and to continually consider it. Research at the TU is multidisciplinary and seeks connections with the humanities and social sciences.

Research at the Theological University of Kampen for the period 2018-2023 consist of three program fields, linked to three research groups.

The Center for Church and Mission in the West (CCMW) and the Neo-Calvinism Research Institute (NRI) are located at TU Kampen. The Biblical Exegesis and Systematic Theology research group (BEST) is a joint research group of the TU Apeldoorn and the TU Kampen).

  1. CCMW is led by prof.dr. Stefan Paas. The focus is on the role of the church in the Western (secular) context.
  2. NRI is led by prof.dr. George Harinck. The focus is the tradition of Calvinism and Neocalvinism and its significance for public theology, society and education.
  3. BEST is led by prof.dr. A. Huijgen (TU Apeldoorn). The focus of this research group is on biblical science and core themes of Reformed theology.

Research at TU is partly geared to ecclesiastical and social practice or is carried out in collaboration with partners. Applied research takes place via the Practice Center (together with Viaa), the Deddens Kerkrechtcentrum (part of CCMW) and the Expertise Center for Youth and Education (part of NRI).