Kampen Theological University endorses the guidelines for scientific integrity, as laid down in the Dutch Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice.

The Executive Board has established the Scientific Integrity Complaints Procedure to protect and guarantee academic integrity. This regulation provides for a procedure for reporting and handling possible violations of academic integrity. This scheme is in line with the national LOWI regulations, to which TU Kampen is affiliated.

The Dutch code of conduct for academic integrity can be found below.

The first point of contact is the university confidential counselor for scientific integrity, Prof. P.H.R van Houwelingen. You can discuss confidential violations of academic integrity and any subsequent steps with him.

Actual reports of (possible) violations of academic integrity are handled by the committee, consisting of scientists from the four philosophical universities (PThU, UvH, TUA and TUK).

Complaints can be addressed to the secretary of the committee, Mr D.J (Dominique) de Boer: djdeboer@pthu.nl

More information on this subject can be found on the websites of the VSNU, NWO, the KNAW, and the LOWI by following the links.