The Theological University in Kampen is the theological seminary of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (liberated). It functions as an academic, theological institution that operates from a Reformed faith perspective and in service to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The aim of the Theological University is to train its students in academic theology. This is done by offering a Bachelor's degree programme and two types of Master's degree programmes. The three year Master's degree programme trains the student to become a minister in the Reformed Churches (liberated). The focus of the one year General Master's degree programme is the practice of academic theology with a specialisation of choice.

Knowledge Centre

In the context of exchange of knowledge, AKZ+ organises courses for church members and others with an interest in theology, PEP (Permanent Education Pastor) focuses on the extended education of ministers, and furthermore the university staff provides advice and services to congregations and ministers on request.

The main building of the University, Broederweg, Kampen.