Hearing from the experts

To get to know what the MIRT is really like, the best thing to do is to listen to current teachers and students of the programme. We asked some of them to share their thoughts.

I have visited various universities around the world and carefully looked at the curricula of many schools of intercultural studies. The Master of Intercultural Reformed Theology (MIRT) program at Kampen Theological University is one of the best in that field. It combines a strong academic standard with deep holistic worldview. The diversity of its student body and the expertise and experience of the faculty members provide an environment that is conducive for a well-rounded approach to scholarship informed by a wealth of balanced perspectives, and solid experience. Therefore, I recommend the MIRT program at Kampen Theological University with enthusiasm!

- Prof. Moussa Bongoyok, Guest Lecturer in the MIRT programme

I heard about the MIRT program when Mr, Colijn was called to initiate a new program. Now that I have spent a couple of days with the students, I pray more fervently that the Lord's blessing will rest on all who study and learn to appropriate a rich heritage. The participants benefit from the university's commitment to Reformed theology, the leadership, the faculty of the Theological University (Kampen), the intercultural experiences, and communal worship. The students are exposed to the many aspects of the knowledge of God that will have a bearing on their transformation as prospective leaders.

Dr Willem van Gemeren, Guest Lecturer in the MIRT programme

The MIRT programme is very helpful for the theological education of students from different cultural contexts. Foreign students can benefit from lectures and guidance by European and non-European professors. Students from Asia, Africa and other continents study and learn together in this special program. The Reformed Tradition needs the interaction of different cultural settings for showing forth the truth of the Gospel in this world.

- Dr Aiming Wang, Guest Lecturer in the MIRT programme

It was my pleasure to teach a segment in TUK's Master of Intercultural Theology program. It is a well planned course enabling students to make Reformed theology relevant in the multicultural contexts of today's world. Besides the diversity in the student body, the strength of the program lies in the exposure given to the students to scholars from within and outside of the Netherlands. Those who have come to appreciate the richness of multicultural theologising will agree that this is the way to do it.

- Dr Mohan Chacko, Guest Lecturer in the MIRT programme

I’ve not only learned what reformed theology is, but also how I can apply reformed theology in my own context.

- Eunkyu Kim, South Korea

I have found it so enriching to study at the source of Reformed theology. Having studied at an ecumenical University in Kenya, I can now drink to the full the teachings of the great Reformers and Professors at a Theological University with deep theological roots.

- Elkanah Jamin, Kenya

I believe that MIRT students will become better theologians and pastors, who not only understand the word of God but also understand how to bring it in today’s cultural context.

- Muriwali Yanto Matalu, Indonesia

For me, TU Kampen is one of the very few theological schools that still hold firmly the Scriptures as God’s Word, while striving to answer today’s challenges both in the academic and the church practice level.

- Surya Harefa, Japan / Indonesia

The MIRT programme helped me to see things in biblical ways and to acquaint with them rather than to give a subjective judgment about it.

– Tony Salurante, Indonesia

Students are equipped for their home ministries, not only to serve the Church of God in their own congregations, but also to be true theologians for the twenty first century. Our diverse cultural and religious contexts are of great benefit for the programme.

Jean Rajaonasy, Madagascar

The MIRT Class of 2015-2016 and drs. Jos Colijn (center)