TU Will Settle in Utrecht’s University Quarter

The Theological University will move from Kampen to Utrecht in 2022. From September 2022, the first lectures will be offered in a building on the Plompetorengracht. For the next few years, the university will settle in the city centre, where it will rent a monumental building in the University Quarter in the vicinity of the university library and the Janskerkhof. The building on the Plompetorengracht is owned by the Netherlands Institute for Catholic Church Music Foundation and is located next to the Kathedrale Koorschool, a primary school with a focus on music education.


The Board of Directors of the TU is pleased that this location has been found. ‘With the board of the Catholic Church Music Foundation and the Kathedrale Koorschool, we have found good partners to work with. The intention is to stay here in the coming years until it is clear where the TU will be able to settle permanently in Utrecht’, says Pim Boven, member of the Board of Directors.

The TU is moving in phases. The period of construction in Utrecht and dismantling in Kampen lasts three years. In the coming years, buildings will be divested in Kampen, while the activities in Utrecht will expand. In September 2022, the first year of the Bachelor’s programme in Theology will start in Utrecht and also the pre-master’s programme.

A New Name

The TU will not change much about its name. ‘We value continuity with who we are and remain the same institution, only now in a different context’, says rector Roel Kuiper. ‘That is why we now only add the place name Utrecht to the name of the university’. In the transitional phase, the TU will be called Theological University Kampen|Utrecht.

TU Magazine

By means of a special of TU Magazine, the news about the branch in Utrecht and the name of the university will be announced this weekend. In this issue, a detailed explanation is given of the relocation. This announcement is also the start of the student recruitment for the bachelor’s programme in Utrecht.


For more information, please contact Pim Boven (06-31042046) or Roel Kuiper (06-52456839).

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