Gert Noort professor by special appointment of Mainline Protestant and Evangelical Mission at Kampen Theological University

KAMPEN – The Netherlands Mission Council establishes a missiology chair by special appointment at Kampen Theological University, effective January 1, 2019. The Board of the university will appoint dr. Gerrit Noort as professor at this chair under the name ‘David Bosch Chair for the Comparative Study of Mainline Protestant and Evangelical Mission’.

Through research and teaching the chair aims to contribute to an in-depth study of convergence and discrepancies in missionary approaches of mainline protestant and evangelical mission, regarding their theological convictions as well as their missionary practices. In particular, attention will be paid to factors that promote or hinder missionary cooperation. Based on results from studies in actual missionary fields the mutual significance of  mainline protestant and evangelical mission will be investigated.  


The focus of this research matches excellently the objectives of the Netherlands Mission Council. Founded in 1929 by protestant churches and mission organizations, the Council seeks cooperation in missionary work, studies trends in mission and evangelism, advises missionary organizations and contributes to education in missiology. The promotion of cooperation benefits from research into the relationship of protestant and evangelical mission both in its respective theologies and missionary practices.


Dr Noort – serving as director of the Netherlands Mission Council – is looking forward to identify building blocks that may serve to reflect in-depth on the missional practices of ecumenical and evangelical mission and thereby to aim for stronger unity in witness. “The ecumenical and evangelical mission movements have shown a remarkable convergence over the last decade”, Dr Noort observes, “however at the same time there is still a world to be gained in understanding each other. It is our hope the chair may contribute to that.”

The chair is positioned in the Centre for Church and Mission in the West and will specifically conduct its research from a global perspective. This centre was recently established at Kampen Theological University and is directed by professor Stefan Paas. Professor Paas -  recently proclaimed ‘theologian of the Netherlands’ - considers the establishment of the David Bosch Chair as a wonderful opportunity to strengthen missiology as such. “Gert Noort is a skilled researcher with an excellent professional network. I look forward to working closely with him in our research programme Salvation in the 21st century’.


The professor by special appointment will work at Kampen Theological University for two days a week. Next to that he will continue to serve as director of the Netherlands Mission Council. The inaugural lecture will be delivered summer 2019.