MIRT Learning Goals

The goal of the MIRT is to train intercultural Reformed theologians from the worldwide Reformed family to serve this same family. Students come from diverse cultural and religious contexts, and will learn and practice intercultural theology within and as an intercultural community. The profile of an intercultural theologian can be expressed by means of the learning goals pursued in the MIRT programme. Each module will contribute to these learning goals, as will be indicated in the module descriptions.

The general learning goals are the following.

The student

1. has thorough knowledge of, and insight into, the theory and practice of intercultural theology in the context of the Reformed and Neo-Calvinist tradition;

2. has a good understanding of the important theological and practical questions of the contextualization and appropriation of the gospel in different cultural and religious contexts;

3. has the academic skills and the capacity to examine/consider/deal with central issues in the field of intercultural theology from a Reformed perspective, in a scholarly way that is also effective for his own cultural and religious context;

4. has the ability to communicate in a scholarly manner this theological knowledge and these skills in an oral or written presentation to a public of specialists or non-specialists;

5. is capable of communicating the gospel (to Christians and non-Christians) faithfully and effectively in the present-day intercultural context, and of interpreting this context and people’s lives in the light of the gospel;

6. is capable of reacting, from his intercultural theological expertise and at an academic level, to questions arising from the practice of church, culture and theology;

7. is capable of dealing with the plurality in contemporary religions, churches and the internal church in a responsible manner in the light of the reformed tradition;

8. is capable of self-reflection as well as reflection on the relations with God and with Christians and non-Christians, and is prepared to develop these relations.