Digital Academic Conference Guy de Brès

‘The Staffe of the Christian Faith’ (1555-1565) and the Making of the Belgic Confession.

A Commemoration Conference on Guy de Brès

Theological University Kampen-Utrecht

The first reason for this conference is the year 2022, marking the fifth centenary of the birth of the reformer of the Netherlands, Guy de Bres. He was born c.1522 in Mons (Bergen) in the southern Low Countries, sought refuge in England during the reign of Edward VI and came back to serve the Reformed Church of Lille (Rijssel). Having composed ‘The Staffe of the Christian Faith’ (1555) he travelled to Lausanne and Geneva for further studies. In 1559 he returned to serve the underground Churches until his martyrdom (1567).

The second reason is the forthcoming edition of his first work, Le baston de la foy chrestienne, prepared by Dr. Wim Moehn. In this patristic anthology – a bestseller with some twenty editions in ten years – we see the author developing his knowledge of the Church Fathers and honing his systematic theological skills. The text of the first (1555) and last edition (1565) is presented with full annotation of all the quotations.

The lecturers have chosen a topic from Le baston and could work on proof prints of the revelant chapter. Their lectures will present groundbreaking research.

More details and registration will follow soon.

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