Herman Bavinck Lecture - Craig Bartholomew

18 September 2019

In the Herman Bavinck Lecture series scholars are invited who share Bavinck’s love for the Reformed tradition, are aware of the appeal of his vision of grace as a transforming force in both personal life and in society and culture, and in their scholarly endeavour reflect his deep and Catholic vision of the Christian faith. They are asked to address in their lecture key questions regarding the contribution which Reformed theology can make to church and society in a postmodern world. To celebrate the release of Bavinck's Reformed Ethics, an international two-day conference has been organized by the Neocalvinism Research Institute of TU Kampen on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 September, 2019, at Theological University Kampen. This year's Bavinck Lecture will function as an overture to this conference. More information can be found elsewhere on our website.

Craig Bartholomew will deliver the lecture this year. Rev. Dr. Craig G. Bartholomew is the Director of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics. Formerly, he was Senior Research Fellow at the University of Gloucestershire and recently the H. Evan Runner Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Religion and Theology at Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Canada. He is also adjunct faculty at Trinity College, Bristol, and an Anglican priest. His academic background is in Old Testament studies and hermeneutics. He has edited and written many books, most recently (2017) Beyond the Modern Age: An Archeology of Contemporary Culture (co-authored with the Dutch economist Bob Goudzwaard) and Contours of the Kuyperian tradition: A Systematic Introduction. His forthcoming book is God Who Acts in History: The Significance of Sinai. The title of his lecture will be: Spiritual Formation, Mysticism and Ethics: An Engagement with Herman Bavinck.

Entrance is free of charge.

18-9-2019, 19:30, St. Annakapel Kampen (Broederweg 10)