Colijn Drs., J.J.A. (Jos)

International Officer & Coordinator of the Master of Intercultural Reformed Theology Programme
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1. Kicsoda ellenünk? Törésvonalok a második világháború utáni magyar református egyház- és teológiatörténetében 1945-1989. (Who shall be against us? Fractures in the history of the Hungarian Reformed Church and theology  1945-1989.) Kiskunfélegyháza. 1997.

2. Egytemes Egyháztörténet. (“Manual Church History for the Hungarian Theological educations). Kiskunfélegyháza. 1998 (several editions).

3. Schets van de geschiedenis van de Hongaarse gereformeerde kerk. Apeldoorn. 1998. (uitg. Willem de Zwijgerstichting) (Overview of the History of the Hungarian Reformed Church)

4. Introduction to Homiletics (russisch). 2011 (not published)

5. From Marginal to Mainstream to Marginal. Lecture at EuCRC Conference – Marginal and Missional. 2012



International Officer

Coordinator of the Master of Intercultural Reformed Theology Program

Post-doc researcher

Areas of Interest

My interest is about the question if and how (elements of) the reformed theology and tradition can be used in a non-Western context. Reformed theology must always be relevant to the local context (interculturalisation), but must also connect with the catholicity of theology and church. In every situation, the dialogue hereof must be held. I conduct empirical research to find out how that should be done.

Research programme

Reformed Traditions in Secular Europe

Project: Reformed Theology in a religious world. Challenges and chances for a theological tradition


Drs. Jos Colijn – Curriculum Vitae

 1. Education

1978 – VWO (pre-university secondary education) – Guido de Brès – Amersfoort

1982– Candidate in Dutch linguistics – University of Utrecht

1983– MA in German linguistics – University of Utrecht (cum laude)

1989 – 1990– Master studies Hungarian Church History (Theological Seminary Debrecen / Hungary)

1992– MA Theology (Theological University Kampen (Broederweg))

2000-2001– Module Eastern Orthodoxy and Byzantine Theology (Catholic University Nijmegen)

2. Work

2.1. 1992 – 1994– Guest lectuerer at the Theological Seminary Debrecen (Hungary)


  • Facultative courses
    • Calvin – Institution
    • History and theology of the Reformation
    • History and actuality of the Reformed church and theology
    • Church development in a ‘confessing church of the people’
  • German language

2.2. 1993 – 1996 – Lecturer of church history at Sulyok István HBO in Nagyvárad / Oradea (Romania)


  • Church History
  • Dutch language for beginners

2.3. 1995 – 1996– Director and teacher at the Reformed mission school in Tivadarfalva (Ukraine)


  • Church History
  • Dogmatics
  • Symbolism
  • Homiletics

2.4. 1997-2000– Pastor in the GKV – IJsselmuiden

2.5. 2001-2013 – Academic Dean of the Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine – ERSU



  • Church History
  • Ancient Church
  • Medieval Ages & the Reformation
  • Modern Church History
  • Dogmatics
  • Introduction Reformed Theology
  • God, Man, Sin
  • Christology
  • Holy Spirit and Church
  • Homiletics

Further proceedings

  • responsible for educational programme of ERSU
  • development and extention of the curriculum of ERSU
  • development distance education for ERSU
  • accompanying students
  • advising the churches / churchplants in Ukraine
  • organising of and contributing to conferences for churches and groups in Ukraine
  • together with several students setting up and maintaining theological websites in Russian (see below)

            Guest lecturer in: Kazan (Russian federation); Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

2.6. 2012 – today – TU Kampen

  • Coordinator of the Master of Intercultural Reformed Theology programme
  • International Officer

3. Websites

Resources for Reformed theology in Russian and Ukrainian:

Resources Calvin in Russian and Ukrainian: