1.  The Theological University is affiliated to the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (liberated) and is an academic institution that is rooted in the reformed faith in its service to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2.  Students, faculty and staff form a community united in faith and committed to serving the gospel of Jesus Christ.

3.  The university devotes itself to the academic, spiritual, and practical training of students, preparing them for the office of ministry and for the practice of reformed theology. To this end the university offers instruction and conducts research, while also taking up an active role in serving both the church and the community in general.

4.  The university aims to serve the church which, according to the word of Christ, is “the light of the world”, while recognizing the context of globalisation and secularisation in which the church exists, as well as the church’s missionary calling. The university is sensitive to information coming from the work field and integrates this knowledge into the theological instruction.

5.  Students, staff and faculty collaborate towards providing a positive and productive academic atmosphere of work and thought, based on Christian spirituality and open communication, so that everyone’s contribution is valued. All those involved are prepared to devote themselves to this cause, in recognition of the fact that (also Christian) associations are, as yet, still influenced by imperfect human nature.

6.  The university seeks both national and international collaboration with related institutions, as this is of vital importance to the fulfilment of its mission.

7.  Those involved with the university share in their work a mutual awareness of their dependence upon the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and a strong belief in the coming of God’s Kingdom through Jesus Christ. This faith empowers us to pursue with enthusiasm and good spirits the fulfilment of our mission.