The Advanced Theological Studies Fellowship (ATSF) is a research exchange programme of Kampen Theological University, the Netherlands. In this fellowship the university brings together a group of promising young international theologians (all of whom are preparing for their PhD degree) for the period of a month to spend time together in exploring theological
themes and exchange insights.

The participants of 2016's ATSF

Each researcher can use the research facilities of the university including its excellent library in order to prepare a paper in which he or she presents part of his or her research. Professors and other staff of the university or from elsewhere will give feedback on the presented papers in a public session.

To get an idea of what an ATSF month looks like and who have previously taken part in the ATSF, the previous ATSF programme of 2016 is available online and a list is available showing all of the former ATSF participants. One of this year's participants wrote a blog post about his experiences in Kampen. You can read it here.

We have recently selected participants for the 2017 ATSF, which will take place in Kampen from May 29th until June 23rd. If you wish to apply for next year, please refer this year's call for papers as an example of how to apply. Contact international[at] if you need additional information or experience any trouble downloading or processing files.